The Experience

What makes for a good experience when hiring an interior design professional?

Trust ~ Assuming you’ve chosen to hire me for some of the reasons I listed here, perhaps you’d like an opinion from someone with years of experience and has education in how to put together a coordinated style. I understand that it can be difficult to visualize a finished product, with the pieces all put together, but this is what I do…I need you to trust me. If I’ve done my homework in getting to know your likes, desires and challenges, we’ve addressed your style and how you function in your space, the project will meet or exceed your expectations.

Communication ~ Please know that your desires are of utmost importance to me and I will seek every angle to make them come to fruition. As we work together, we want expectations to be realistic and I will always be upfront if some desires are cost prohibitive for your stated budget, or may not technically work for a given space or application.

Schedule ~ In order to have a good experience we want to be transparent about scheduling. What are your expectations, and how do we work with the schedule of the contractor/builder to stay on schedule? It’s best to have most of your selections made prior to beginning your construction to save time and stay on schedule with the tradesmen. The trades will want to know what product they are installing so they can correctly estimate their amount of time needed to complete their job.

Budget ~ Most people have a good idea of their budget and when we understand this, the better we can help make recommendations and selections to keep you in your target range. This is another good reason to have your selections made ahead of time, so that there aren’t added costs for last minute decisions, or change orders that the contractor or tradesmen weren’t aware of when they provide you with their estimate.