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Occupational Therapy supported by WA State 50+/Accessibility Council


Accessible Housing: Role of OT

For me, an Occupational Therapy professional of over 24 years, I’m excited to hear more about how the WA State 50+/Accessibility Housing Council will support the role of OT’s.  Click this link to view the event information for March 3rd during the BIAW’s State Winter Board meeting in Olympia.  This is an exciting movement forward for to serve this quickly growing segment of the housing industry. Where will all these baby boomers live if we don’t have homes designed to meet their needs? It is more than a housing concern, it is a social concern, one that will effect all of us.  As an Occupational Therapy professional specializing in this area it’s been a long, sometimes frustrating road with attempts to educate the importance of building or remodeling ‘right’ the first time.  If I do say so myself, we have a lot to offer this unique client in terms of function and safety to keep them in their desired home.

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