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Home Design using the principles of Ergonomics


Why have we only been concerned with the principles of ergonomics related to office space?  Wouldn’t the same concerns prevail in other areas of a home that we use frequently? Concerns such as; use of aggravated joints or muscle, personal safety when reaching out of our comfort, and repetitive movements that strain or challenge appropriate body mechanics.

These are all good reasons to consider thinking ‘outside the box’ when it comes to designing the important work spaces of your home, whether it be the kitchen, closet, bathrooms, garage storage, or office.  Why should we settle for ‘standard’ size cabinets, back splash and wall cabinets heights?  Are people ‘all the same size’ ? NO, and neither should our work space be designed as a ‘one size fits all’.

When you have the option to custom remodel, or build your new home consider having Trusted Transitions NW design and organize your work space to fit you!  Your body will thank you when you can easily reach frequently used items without compromising your safety and comfort.

Allow me the opportunity to help you see ‘outside the box’ which is what ‘custom’ home design should mean.  ~  Christine

Christine will be presenting at the Clark County Home Idea Fair April 25th at 2:00 pm on this topic.  Come over and share with friends and relatives planning to build in the near future!  See you there ~