Home Assessments

Home Assessments

Home Assessments for Accessibility allows us the opportunity to gather necessary information relevant to a clients safety, the existing living space, the people who live there and, how the space is used by the residents. A client interview allows us to become familiar with your desired short and long term goals. It also gives us information regarding current functional abilities and health challenges in order to provide optimal living solutions for your life time!

It is helpful to see how the client functions in their home to better assess the challenges they are having in completing their activities of daily living. Health history information allows us to understand if their existing conditions are temporary, chronic, or progressive, in order to plan optimally for their future needs. All health information will be upheld within HIPPA law.

Some challenges might include:

  • Can you open all doors, drawers and get into each area of the home?
  • Are you able to access items in your closet?
  • Is lighting adequate for safe mobility inside and out?
  • Are your countertops too high for preparing meals?
  • Do you have adequate leg room under bathroom sinks so you can sit while grooming?

For clients requiring a Home Modification, it is necessary to evaluate the home floor plan, current condition of the home and assess obvious structural limitations. When larger projects requiring structural modifications are inevitable, Trusted Transitions NW partners with reliable, licensed, remodelors and contractors to help complete the design solutions.


For the client planning to relocate with a desire to downsize, a Home Assessment can assist in determining the scope of work required to accomplish your goals while minimizing stress, and assuring a smooth transition is successful.

A walk through of your home will be performed including garage, attic, basement, and outdoor buildings if necessary to assess amount and size of furnishings desired to be relocated, passed down, sold, donated or, otherwise disposed of.

If relocating, a review of the future living environment is also completed to determine the amount of downsizing necessary and placement of furnishings. A scaled floor plan can be customized to provide you with a furniture layout to assure your furnishings have adequate floor space. Home modification solutions can be identified and completed during the downsizing, or relocation process to optimize safety, functional mobility, and independence.

During the Home Assessment all service options provided by Trusted Transitions NW, LLC will be presented and your timeline for completion will be addressed.