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Aging in Place is NOT for ‘Old People’


It is for responsible people who want to ensure their quality of life and live it out in dignity, without being a burden to their family or community.  Regardless of whether you have retired or not, it’s for you, right now! IF you haven’t retired yet, it means you have time to think about your needs, research your options and put together a plan that is good for you and your family.  If you have retired, putting the time in to building a plan will help keep you in control of your life. Building a plan will help you deal with issues you will encounter down the road and ease some of the burden your loved ones will experience.

Choices you should make NOW are:

* How you want to spend your retirement years

* How you want your home to be set up (is it accessible, safe, and comfortable for someone at a wheel chair level?)

* What your health care choices will be (Medicare, Medicaid, Long Term Care)

* Which types of assistance are right for you (in -home care, adult day care, respite)

* What your wishes are for major life events (sickness, housing transitions, financial decisions)

Makin these choices gives you control over your independence, quality of life and dignity.  Most importantly to note, aging in place does not mean you have to do everything yourself….that is where the plan comes in.  It means you get to plan how your needs are met, who meets them and when.

Trusted Transitions NW is here to assess your safety and the accessibility of your home! We will provide solutions to modify your existing home, or help you with the design of a new home of which you desire to ‘age in place’.