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Hi! I’m Christine and thank you for visiting Trusted Transitions. The information provided is an accumulation of projects and business concepts that I’ve developed over my years of owning and operating my interior design company.

My formal interior design education came from PCC in 2005/2006. I founded my Interior Design company, Trusted Transitions NW, in 2010 while continuing to work for a skilled nursing facility. One aspect of the job was to complete home assessments for people as they prepared to return home. It became very obvious that many peoples’ homes presented barriers to their safety and ability to function independently in that home.

By blending 25 years of Occupational Therapy experience with my Interior Design education, I formed my consulting business to implement home design solutions that would accommodate peoples’ ever-changing needs. Eventually, I was able to focus solely on my business which I find extremely rewarding and creative.

I believe that today’s home design requires out-of-the-box thinking and to design with the future in mind.  After all, we don’t know what the future holds for us…or that home. Homes that are universally designed for all age ranges and most ability’s is just smart design, making that home more desirable and user friendly for all.

Growing and learning to do life and business more efficiently and effectively is a large part of who I am. Maintaining a favorable balance between family and business is very important, and my faith is intertwined within it all. As a client or business associate, these values mean that I don’t overbook myself, that you will receive what services have been promised to you in a timely manner, I will provide those services to the best of my ability and I will seek to find answers or assistance to previously un-encountered situations.


I look forward to designing with you ~

   Christine Evoniuk COTA/L, CAPS, CGP

   “Make level paths for your feet and take only ways that are firm.” – Proverbs 4:26

My Services Reflect “Interior Design with the Future in Mind”


Christine knew just how to bless us with an "age-in-place" master bathroom without breaking our remodeling bank. As a matter of fact, she provided options that gave us the bathroom we wanted for nearly 15K less than the original proposal. Our bathroom is beautiful as well as practical and it will either help us in our old age or it can bless someone else with ADA requirements. Our home value is up significantly and those who have seen it are envious.

Trusted Transitions, NW is my go-to for our future kitchen remodel.

Meredith Reid Vancouver, WA August 14, 2017