Fig. 1 - Floor Plan
Fig. 2 - Kitchen Elevation
Fig. 3 - Kitchen Elevation
Fig. 4 - Finished Kitchen
Fig. 5 - Finished Kitchen
Fig. 6 - Finished Bathroom
Fig. 7 - Finished Bathroom
Fig. 8 - Kitchen/Living Before
Fig. 9 - Kitchen Before
Fig. 10 - Kitchen/Living Before
Fig. 11 - Bathroom Before


Client goals: The clients desire was to completely remodel this newly purchased home by giving it a much more open floor plan, by increasing the kitchen square footage, and overall considerably improve the use of the space to be more functional for their lifestyle.

Solution: Many interior walls were removed to open the kitchen-dining area. New kitchen with center island was designed in the new open space. Kitchen, master bathroom, and 2nd bathroom square footage was enlarged for new cabinetry and increased storage. Laundry and 2nd bathroom and were repurposed. Some doorways and windows were widened, added or relocated, new staircase and much improved lighting entirely refreshed and brightened this home.