Fig. 1 - Modified Floor Plan
Fig. 2 - Floor Plan Before
Fig. 3 - Bathroom Elevation
Fig. 4 - Bathroom Elevation
Fig. 5 - Bathroom Rendering
Fig. 6 - Finished Bathroom
Fig. 7 - Finished Bathroom
Fig. 8 - Finished Bathroom
Fig. 9 - Finished Closet
Fig. 10 - Finished Closet
Fig. 11 - Bathroom Before
Fig. 12 - Bathroom Before
Fig. 13 - Closet Before


Client goals: To enlarge and remodel the Master Bathroom and Master Closet.

Solution. Removed walls that centrally located guest bedroom and hall closets. Reallocated space made room for enlarged Master Bath, and guest bedroom became one large Master Closet. Remodeled the 1970’s space for a completely new and modern appeal with fixtures that blended nicely in the rest of their MidCentury Modern home decor.