Fig. 1 - Modified Flor Plan
Fig. 2 - Floor Plan Before
Fig. 3 - Kitchen/Dining Elevation
Fig. 4 - Kitchen Elevation
Fig. 5 - Kitchen Elevation
Fig. 6 - Finished Kitchen
Fig. 7 - Finished Dining
Fig. 8 - Finished Living
Fig. 9 - Finished Living
Fig. 10 - Living Before
Fig. 11 - Finished Office
Fig. 12 - Kitchen Before
Fig. 13 - Dining Before
Fig. 14 - Living Before
Fig. 15 - Living Before
Fig. 16 - Office Before


Client goals: Remodel Kitchen for wheelchair accessibility and refresh the  color, furniture, and style of this 1940’s Portland bungalow.

Solution: Designed new kitchen for maximizing turn-around space and most used items within reach. Added kitchen nook storage with built-in seat bench and custom drop-down dining table. Designed pass-through wall and built-in filing cabinet for improved functional use of space. New lighting throughout, and ceiling fans. Refreshed fireplace surround, refinished wood floors, warm and cozy paint colors on walls and molding. Custom designed office desk, new furniture and blinds throughout the home for a place he and his dog love to come home to as well as entertain guests.